A surprising nest

‘new house’

Christopher Martin Photography

Chickadee Excavation - 2013 © Christopher Martin

In front of the patio to the front door of my house there is a stump where the previous owners had cut down what must have been a large tree.  Aside from the occasional decoration, this trunk remains largely unused by us.  However, we all like it so there it stays.  Now, I understand why… today a pair of Boreal Chickadees started to dig out their hollow to make their nest.  They carried out small clumps of wood pulp clawed out on every trip.  I hope they choose to stay here.

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Best Photos of April by National Geographic



Funnel Cloud, Minnesota

Photograph by Mitch Dobrowner


Zebras, Serengeti

Photograph by Giulio Zanni


Milky Way, New Zealand

Photograph by Stefan Mutch


Mesa Arch, Canyonlands

Photograph by Chris Carvalho


Sunrise, Badlands National Park

Photograph by Dan Dady


Las Pozas, Mexico

Photograph by Diane Cook and Len Jenshel


Waterfall, Iceland

Photograph by Hordur Finnbogason


Manta Ray and Snorkeler, Australia

Photograph by Violeta Jahnel


Monte Perdido, Spain

Photograph by Maxime Daviron


source: nationalgeographic.com

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Amazing Forest Trails!

cool, nice…







Photographer: Ildiko Neer,  title: dreamland

source: perierga.gr

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Play & Amusement

Piece of News: Castro Charged With Kidnapping, Rape

Ariel Castro has been charged with four counts of kidnapping & three counts of rape after three missing women were found in his home, according to prosecutor Victor Perez. Two other men—Castro’s brothers—are in custody, but have not yet been charged, because there is no evidence that they were involved. The details of the kidnapped women’s confinement have not been released, but police say they were bound with ropes & chains, were subjected to sexual & psychological abuse, & suffered miscarriages. [thedailybeast.com]


Evil is hateful. Lord says, “Of all such things the evil is hateful in the sight of thy Lord.”  [17:38] Continue reading

Killed him not, nor crucified

True account. Lord says, “This is the true account: There is no god except Allah; & Allah-He is indeed the Exalted in Power, the Wise.” [3:62]

Similitude is as Adam. Lord says, “The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: “Be”. And he was.” [3:59] Continue reading

The Believers

Piece of News: How 10 Porn Stars Lost Their Virginity

Basement bedrooms. 18th birthdays. Sex in a cave! From Ron Jeremy to Courtney Cummz, porn’s biggest names tell adult-film star Aurora Snow about the night they lost their virginity. [thedailybeast.com]


The believers. Lord says, “The believers must (eventually) win through,- Those who humble themselves in their prayers; Who avoid vain talk; Who are active in deeds of charity; Continue reading

Black-necked Stilts at Frank Lake


Christopher Martin Photography

Marsh glider - 2013 © Christopher Martin
When I first went down to Frank Lake a couple of weekends ago, the American Avocets were the only shorebirds in the small marsh next to the large blind along the water.  When I returned at the end of that weekend, there were a couple of Black-necked Stilts (Himantopus mexicanus) that had joined the good times fishing in the shallows.
An evening stroll through the marsh - 2013 © Christopher Martin
The two seemed like a couple as they never strayed to far from one another.  The females can be distinguished by brown-tinged upper parts, whereas the males are a solid black.  The difference was not easily seen but I think I could identify one male and one female.
Spring pairing - 2013 © Christopher Martin
These are cool little birds.  Striking in appearance and very interesting to watch as they stalk around a marsh.  I’m excited to find out whether chicks will be following these two around soon.
Abbey Road - 2013 © Christopher Martin
Stilt landing - 2013 © Christopher Martin

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10 Beautiful Bays in the World!



Bay of Fundy, Canada


Bay of Islands, New Zealand


Bay of Kotor, Montenegro, Adriatic Sea


Paradise Bay, Antarctica


Guanabara Bay, Brazil


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Phang Nga Bay, Phuket


Port Jackson, Sydney


Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong


San Francisco Bay, California


source: perierga.gr

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On the edge of Kananaskis with an owl


Christopher Martin Photography

Forest flight - 2013 © Christopher Martin

(click on any image to open a window to a higher resolution version)

I persuaded my children to join me for a drive through Bragg Creek into Kananaskis last night to look for the Great Gray Owls that have returned to some of their summer haunts.  We traveled several of the backroads with not much wildlife found but the sun was out and we enjoyed chatting away.  I had turned back towards home when Kian spotted a beautiful Great Gray up in an aspen tree.

Curiosity - 2013 © Christopher Martin

Its plumage matched the bark quite well and I had completely missed it.  Luckily my son’s sharp eyes did not.

Launch - 2013 © Christopher Martin

Having accomplished the find, Kian then returned to his story while Kezia and I got out and watched the owl swoop across the open forest between trees for almost an hour.  There was great light and the owl was hunting and resting normally so we enjoyed…

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