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Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor autisticaplanet, a woman in her thirties who has Asperger’s Syndrome and accompanying anxiety related to social and sensory issues. She also has OCD. She writes a blog to pass along lifelong lessons to help those, adults in particular, dealing with Asperger’s. She hopes to help neurotypical people better understand the “complexities within the complexities” of autism spectrum disorders. She has had a passion for capturing images since childhood, when her father bought her a Kodak 110 on vacation. She’s been told that she sees and captures what others overlook or miss. Her work has been featured in the Daily Herald as well as the MAAP Newsletter, a publication for those with ASD and those who love them.

About this photo: This is a macro taken from a bouquet of Tulips on my kitchen table. ​The center represents to me the Holy Trinity. Shooting inside…

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Friday Mystery Photo

Places Unknown

Spring is finally coming around with everything getting into some nice full bloom. Couple days ago I managed to stop by the Tidal Basin in Washington DC during sunrise and take a few photos. Cherry Blossoms were not in its full awesome “blossomnes” (that seems to be not the right spelling) yet, just a few days short. I won’t be able to see them this year during the peak time, but some photos I have are nice too and I’ll try to share them over weekend or next week.

Since there would be no mystery in posting those photos, I’m pulling something out from archive, maybe not as obvious to all. The mystery here is not only the mountain that you see in the background, but from where it was taken. Can you name both of them? btw, that guys there on a rocky cliff is not me, it is…

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Nesting owls near High River

Christopher Martin Photography

Great Horned Owl - 2014 © Christopher Martin

A nest east of High River that I have watched for a few years is home to a new brood of Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) owlets again this spring.  I went on a backroad tour last weekend and when I saw the nest occupied I set up the long lens and watched the owl as it dozed.  I watched her shift her weight around a few times and hoped that there were nestlings who might want to peek out from under their feathery blanket.  It didn’t take too long for one and then two of these babies to have a look around.

2014 © Christopher Martin

Owl and owlets - 2014 © Christopher Martin

On this latest visit, a fellow admirer told me that the nest has been used to raise owlets annually for over forty years.  I love that and it makes sense as the nest is in a great location with access to fields, shade, protection…

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Alaskan Expanse

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor Aaron Fiska 32-year-old Combat Infantryman from Anchorage, Alaska. He has been managing PTSD for 10 years using photography and cinematography. Getting out into the wilderness also helps him put life into perspective. 

About this photo: “My nephew joined me on this hike through Kincaid Park and I took this as he was staring out into the Cook Inlet.

Everything is big up here. Whether you’re climbing a 4000-6000 foot peak or driving hundreds of miles to get to the next town, it is hard not to ponder on life. I just rather do it here, amongst giants.

Find more from Aaron at his photography blog.


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DC Cherry Blossoms

Places Unknown

I took this on Wednesday morning at Tidal Basin in Washington DC. If you happen to be in DC this weekend then you’ll see it in full bloom. It is probably going to be very crowded, but pretty with all those pink flowers.

Click me!!!

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Lunar Eclipse Today, Now

Don Charisma

I just had a message on my iPhone that’s there’s a lunar eclipse happing right now … thanks for the warning iPhone !

Time and date says :

It will be visible from North America, South America and Australia. Parts of Asia, Africa and Europe will see a partial eclipse.

I know these things happen fast, so not a very detailed post more of a heads up !


Don Charisma


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How to create something from nothing

Brian Cooney's photography blog.


Jim Rohn has long been one of my favourite authors and although he doesn’t directly speak or write on photography it seems to me that creativity is at the heart of all he speaks about.  In several of his books which I have as audio books he talks about how you create something from nothing and he goes on to say that you start with idea’s and imagination.  I agree with him completely and whether we are talking about creating photographs or losing weight to have your ideal body , changing career to find the job of your dreams or finding and living in your dream house the journey starts in the imagination.  Creating photographs for me is similar sometimes.  The image above comes from a long line of ideas that have been percolating through my mind for quite a while.  I came across this scene last night while out…

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Signs of Spring

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor Jeanette Clawson, a woman in her forties from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin who has suffered from depression and severe pain related to migraines. Jeanette was a school psychologist until pain and disability forced her to stop working. Despite her struggles, Jeanette’s main goal in life is to contribute as much peace and beauty to the world as she can. Art has always helped her cope with dark feelings, and now she is using it to hold on to positive ones. She enjoys painting, doodling, coloring, and most of all creating gratitude journals and mixed media collages. Photography had primarily been used in the service of larger pieces or family scrapbooks until recently when she began discovering the joys and freedom of photography for its own intrinsic beauty. Jeanette spends her time focusing on her art, teaching occasional workshops, and blogging about gratitude and altered book journaling.

About this photo: I really struggle…

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Stand off with a squirrel

Christopher Martin Photography

Deck squirrel stand off - 2014 © Christopher Martin

Canon 5D III + 300mm f/4 lens: 1/200 seconds at f/4 on ISO 800

This squirrel has been a resident in the trees behind our house for five years.  He’s feisty and acts like the backyard, our deck and everywhere else he travels is under his dominion.  In this encounter I had my feet up on the railing and he squared off staring at me.  It became pretty clear that he was impatiently waiting for me to put my feet down so he could pass.  I obliged, but snapped off a couple of frames before removing the barricade.  He chirped as he ran by and kept up the chatter as he climbed up a tree.  I thought a simple thank you would have sufficed!

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